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Industry introduction

The pharmaceutical industry is an important component of China's national economy. It is a combination of traditional industries and modern industries, and the one or two and three industries. Including the main categories: chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, antibiotics, biological products, biochemical drugs, radioactive pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, sanitary materials, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packaging materials and pharmaceutical business. The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in protecting and promoting people's health and improving the quality of life, for family planning, disaster prevention, epidemic prevention, Materiel Readiness, as well as for economic development and social progress.

Service customer

 ● Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. ● Shandong Kaisai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
 ● Shandong HanLin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ● Jiangsu Hengrui pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd
 ● Qilu Pharmaceutical Co Ltd ● Zhejiang Haizheng pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd
 ● Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd