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Industry introduction

There are many kinds of gas products, which can be divided into two categories: general industrial gas and special gas. General industrial gas production and sales of large, but the purity requirements are not high. In general, special gases can be divided into three categories, namely, high-purity or ultra high purity gases, standard correction gases and mixed gases with a specific composition. The gas products as basic raw materials of modern industrial importance, a wide range of applications in metallurgy, steel, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics, glass, ceramics, building materials, construction, food processing, pharmaceutical and medical departments, all use a lot of gas or special gas.

Service customer

● Shandong Han Lin Biotechnology● Three dimensional Hebi 50 thousand tons BDO/ years
● Three dimensional VV10 heat exchanger project● Changwu 1 million tons / year two ether
● Zhangjiagang CIMC sanctum Co. Ltd.● Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua mining
● Zhangjiagang Zhongji shengdayin cryogenic equipment Co. Ltd.● Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Limited by Share Ltd
● Beijing Fudao cryogenic engineering company● Shenyang Xinguang Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co
● Shenyang Tongda cryogenic cryogenic equipment factory ● Shanxi Luan Coal Based Synthetic Oil Co. Ltd.
● Sinopec group tenth construction company ● Shanghai Liande Carbon Co. Ltd.
● Sinopec Zhanjiang Dongxing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. ● Hunan Keyuan bio products Co., Ltd.
● Wenzhou Yintai Chemical Co., Ltd. ● Tianjin Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd.
● Taiyuan chemical plant● Air Liquide (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
● Ningbo Mingxin Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.● Dongguan Xinao Gas Co., Ltd.
● Zhanjiang Xinao Gas Co., Ltd.● Guilin Xinao Gas Co., Ltd.
● Shanghai Baosteel Praxair Practical Gas Co., Ltd.● Air Liquide (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
● Wujiang Messer Industrial Gas Co. Ltd● Changzhou CEM cryo Equipment Co. Ltd.
● North China Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd ● Northeast Pharmaceutical Group
● Harbin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd● Chengdu run hee Group Co., Ltd.
● Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. ● Zhejiang Haizheng pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd
● Stone Pharmaceutical Group (Shijiazhuang) company● Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical
● Harbin pharmaceutical six factory ● Chengdu Qingyang pharmaceutical factory
● Lanzhou pharmaceutical factory● Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation
● Beijing iron and Steel Research Institute● Hebei Tang Yin Steel Co., Ltd.
● Tangshan iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd● Joint liability company of Shougang Jingtang steel
● Shanxi Huaerjian Lu'an Coal Based Synthetic Oil Co. Ltd.● Changzhi iron and Steel Group Co Ltd
● Ji'nan iron and Steel Group Co Ltd ● Zhangdian Zibo iron and Steel General Factory
● Nanjing iron and Steel Group Corporation● Changzhou Zhongtian Steel Co., Ltd.
● Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. ● Anhui Masteel thermal power plant
● Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd ● Chongqing iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd
● Chengdu iron and steel works● Dalian iron and steel Refco Group Ltd
● Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd.● Wuyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
● Shanxi sanwei group Limited by Share Ltd ● Shanxi Haixin iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
● Shanxi Yilong coke Limited by Share Ltd ● Shanxi Changtai Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
● Zhejiang Qinshan Nuclear Power Co● Shanxi Lu'an Tianji Chemical Co. Ltd.
● Shandong Union Chemical Limited by Share Ltd● Shandong Kai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
● Jilin Kai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ● Bi Haizhou Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
● Guangzhou petrochemical supply company● Dongxing Zhanjiang Petroleum Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Beijing Engineering Department)
● Luoyang petrochemical engineering of Sinopec group● Sinopec group tenth construction company
● Changzhou long trillion synthetic material Co., Ltd. ● Ji'nan iron and Steel Group Co Ltd
● Zibo Zhangdian iron and steel works ● Shanghai Sifang boiler factory
● China Shenhua Coal Oil Co., Ltd. ● Shanghai Dalong Machinery Factory