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Industry introduction

With the worldwide oil and gas products demand gradually increased and the oil and gas resources depletion, collection, transportation and processing of oil and gas products and requirements become increasingly complex, costly and facing technology demands more and more personalized. Nowadays, the oil and gas industry is becoming increasingly complex because of environmental protection, long distance and strict environmental, geographical and other aspects of policy restrictions and concerns of government regulations.

The application of valves in the gasification industry is critical. We ensure that the product design meets the customer's needs completely. The valve design is entirely based on the high quality and easy maintenance of the product. Our designs are constantly updated, from raw materials to finished products, and are always looking for ways to apply the latest technology to production. Our aim is to fully understand the needs of customers, using the latest technology to master, equipped with the best staff, we will be quality and reliability from first to last throughout the entire production process, can help you to cope with challenges.

Upstream: upstream business from land and offshore crude oil exploration and exploitation, to crude oil refining production. Using our continually evolving technical capabilities and global sales and services network, we help clients achieve the most challenging fluid technology applications, control and cost control.

Midstream: midstream operation refers to the safe and efficient delivery of oil and gas products from production and storage locations to processing plants and locations. General requirements ensure that business operations are flexible and sustainable in terms of the changing global economy and energy distribution. This is the biggest challenge for all midstream operators. We have a wide range of pipeline and valve types that can help operators meet the challenges.

Downstream: downstream business means that oil and gas products can be safely refined and refined in place of use. Such operations usually require complex and diverse types of valves that match their end products. We have the most diverse products and models of this type of business that can help customers minimize operating costs and ensure compliance with low leakage environmental regulations.

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