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Industry introduction

The chemical industry occupies an important position in the national economy of various countries, and is the basic industry and pillar industry in many countries. The speed and scale of the development of the chemical industry have a direct impact on all sectors of the social economy.

The chemical industry is a major polluter because of its wide variety, complex process and various products. At the same time, chemical products in processing, storage, use and waste disposal, and other links may produce a large number of toxic substances, and affect the ecological environment and endanger human health. The development of chemical industry takes the road of sustainable development, which has important practical significance for human economic and social development.

We can provide the highest quality valve products to meet the needs of chemical production. Companies in the chemical industry to obtain all the use of international standards certification, to meet the most stringent environmental standards.

Service customer

 ● Shanghai Shenhua Coal Oil Research Center Co Ltd ● Shanxi sanwei group Limited by Share Ltd
 ● Shanxi Coal Energy Co., Ltd. ● Bi Haizhou Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
 ● Zhangjiagang Shengda for cryogenic equipment Co. Ltd. ● Shanghai Yingfeng Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 ● Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. ● Tangshan Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.
 ● Inner Mongolia Tianrun chemical Limited by Share Ltd ● Shanxi Lu'an Tianji Chemical Co. Ltd.
 ● Shanxi coke Yixing Chemical Limited by Share Ltd ● Shanxi Yida coke chemical Limited by Share Ltd
 ● Shanxi Yilong coke chemical Limited by Share Ltd ● ShanXi Coking co., ltd
 ● Xishan Coal Electricity Co Ltd