Team building
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1.Outstanding training and innovation of scientific and technological personnel: Innovative scientific and technological talents are the creators of new knowledge, the inventor of new technology, the founder of new disciplines, and the pioneer of new industries. They are the decisive factors of competitiveness. Mainly from the following four aspects: (1) innovative talents training mode. Establish an open training system which combines teaching with practical exercises, exchanges and cooperation, explores and implements innovative learning methods, and lays stress on training creative thinking and creative ability. (2) strengthen leading personnel, core technology research and development, personnel training and innovative team building, and organize the implementation of innovative talent promotion program. (3) pay attention to the cultivation of compound talents. Get rid of the idea of perfection and promotion according to status, increase the outstanding young talent in science and technology, culture, and use that subsidy. Strengthen cooperation between Industry University Research Institute, pay attention to the training of enterprise engineering technology and management personnel, and promote the accumulation of scientific and technological talents to enterprises. (4) developing innovative culture. Advocating the pursuit of truth, Yongpangaofeng, tolerance of failure, the unity cooperation spirit of innovation, to create a scientific and democratic, rigorous and realistic, open and inclusive atmosphere of innovation.

2.Training and development of key areas urgently need special talents: With the in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization, economic transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, to further accelerate the transformation of social structure, all kinds of applied talent shortage is becoming more and more serious. We should focus on the transformation of the mode of economic development and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, key breakthroughs, and overall progress.

3.Promote the construction of all types of qualified personnel: In the cultivation of high level talents at the same time, promote the overall development in order to improve the level of leadership and executive ability; to improve the modern management level and the international competitiveness of enterprises, enterprise management personnel to accelerate the enterprise management personnel occupation, marketization, specialization and internationalization; to improve the professional level and ability requirements in order to improve the quality, occupation and occupation skills as the core, to technicians and senior technicians to focus on, formed a complete, highly skilled talents; talent cultivation and job development as the basis, to the senior social work personnel to focus on training, construction of social work personnel occupation and professional personnel, implementation work coordinated development.